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L: Hello Everyone. Great to be here.

Q: Welcome! Great to have you with us today :)

L: My pleasure.

Q: Lets get into the questions shall we? Can you please introduce yourself and your background? How big is your team and what is their experience like within this space?

The first and only yield-farming, vaults and staking deflationary token with no admin control.

Elessar: Hey everyone!

Q: Welcome @Elessar19101 and @yvsfinance_lucas and thank you for joining us in this AMA!

Lucas: Hey everyone also from my side, happy to be here with you today and present our project, YVS Finance!🎙

E: Glad to be here! Thanks for having us.

Q: Could you tell…

The WAIFU Project connects the world of digital girlfriends and decentralized finance. $WAIF will be the first cryptocurrency
The WAIFU Project connects the world of digital girlfriends and decentralized finance. $WAIF will be the first cryptocurrency to reward users with different tiers of NFT’s when they stake their WAIF tokens into the farming contract to earn and create a HAREM. In the future, your HAREM will yield you returns via staking.

Q: I would like to welcome @jGozyb from Waifu who will be with us during this AMA. To begin with, please give us a brief introduction of the Waifu project.

J: We launched in early August of this year. We actually came across what we thought was a meme ERC-20…

The Cannabis Community is a Privatized yield farm designed to reward its members by utilizing donations derived from legal cannabis cultivation. Our headquarters is in Maine, USA. It is ran by our founder Mark Aceto. Mark is doxxed for all intents and purposes and will present any info necessary to…

Q: Today I would like to welcome @TerryNUTS from acBTC! This is a project that many of us have been eyeing down for some time and we are happy to have you here!

A: Thanks for having me today! Glad to share more with UniGems community.

Q: No problem! Your…

P: Hello everybody! Polkabase here!

Q: Alright alright alright welcome everyone. Today we got a special guest @PolkabaseAdmin from Polkabase! Glad to have you here today 🤙

P: Thank you! It is great to be here! …

Q: Welcome guys, happy to have youhere.

P0ulpe: Helloooo

Save Free Speech: Hey hey!

Q: To start off, how did you guys get into crypto? While we’re at it; could you tell us a bit about your team? What is your role in the team?

SFS: Alright! I got into…

Q: Good to have you here Kenzo!

A: firstly, thanks for having me and spelling my name correctly and yes, I am the solidity dev for frost protocol.

Q: Three man team solid, are you able to handle the workload with just the three of you?

A: Actually its just…

HYVE is a community-governed ecosystem that solves the current problems in the global multi billion freelance and workforce market, leveraging the power of decentralized technologies while adding new features and mechanics that are non-existent on any current platform.

Q: Today I want to give a warm welcome to @bradyasar and…


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