AMA with Kenzo from Frost.

Q: Good to have you here Kenzo!

A: firstly, thanks for having me and spelling my name correctly and yes, I am the solidity dev for frost protocol.

Q: Three man team solid, are you able to handle the workload with just the three of you?

A: Actually its just two was referring to dan and myself and yes so far so good. We actually handle blockchain projects as clients and this is our first project together for a public community. The jump was due to a project we were invested in that we thought we can do better or a least different.
Only thing worse was deploying 40+ contracts when gwei is 300 lol. created a delay to deploy when gas was lower but contracts were still 1–2eth but its a small price to pay to see what your working on come to life.

Q: Why did you choose to work together for a public project instead of clients this time?

A: Client work is what it sounds like lol the blockchain space is becoming more and more saturated so my advice even outside of crypto is to build things you want to build whether for yourselves and/or others. Only been handling work for a little over a year now but i think were all in the blockchain space for some form of freedom.

Q: Do you have any plans for expanding the team? Are you forseeing any big growth in the near future?

A: But as far as FROST is concerned it made sense to fork a project we were invested in which is safer than deploying imagination code so to speak. think will measure based off liquidity the more liquidity being managed certainly want to insure the project with more brains. We have some functionality with NFT’s we plan to expand so that may be an opportunity as well, the NFT’s play a cool role in the ecosystem.
Overall this is scope of the project ….LGE -> (accumulation -> distribution) cycle. The LGE which is live now and ends saturday transfers liquidity to uniswap and allows contributors to receive their FROST tokens and NFT’s based on contribution.

Q: It’s cool to see that you’re passionate about what you’re doing. Could you go into the concept of Frost for those who don’t know?

A: 15% staking boost only 20 (for FIRST 20 contributors >= 1eth) will be airdropped after LGE.

30% staking boost only 10 (for >= 5eth contributors).

A: 60% staking boost only 5 (for max 15eth contributors). These are the NFT’s that contributors can receive that boost staking percentages! After lge the staking will offer 4000% and 800% APR pool’s
So for the 60% NFT for example 4000% turns to 6400%. Yes it is almost designed as a hedge. There are only limited amounts and first come first serve 5 60% nfts, 10 30% nfts. The jack frost nft is 15% boost and will be sent to the first 20 contributors over 1 eth as a thanks to being early. Plan on adding some more functionality to the NFT’s to allow staking multiple or rewarding stakers in another fashion. As you see we think NFT’s are the future

Q: So why did you guys choose for the Frosty branding. The cosy winter feel.

A: The last phase I referred to was distribution which has to do with the “AVALANCHE”. While users are staking fees from sells and staking fees are accrued, all these fees get rewarded back to stakers in the avalanche.
There is 21k MAX/TOTAL supply, after lge we start with 5,250 supply of frost and as people are staking supply will increase to ~13k. When we hit ~13k supply supply will pause and all the fees will be paid back to those staking in the avalanche.

Q: Great way to provide staking without cause overinflation. A problem you see with a lot of projects. A problem you see with a lot of projects.

A: Yeah, it’s basically the protocol taking a break in a sense while still rewarding. After the first avalanche staking aka “SLOPES (staking pools)” will open again with half the apr as last so 4000% will turn to 2000% etc. Can think of it as an artificial mirror of bitcoin’s 21 million emission except we only have 21,000 supply in the end.

Q: I see you guys offer staking in multiple coins, including stable coins. What made you choose that approach?

A: We are open/able to open more pools but stables , wbtc, and weth are the initial pools. We are especially in a time where people want to hold these coins and still earn a yield and they can here, for those ’tethering up’ so to speak.

Q: Makes sense, provide a lot of flexibility to the users. They can chose what coin fits their strategy best according to the market condition. All within the frost ecosystem.

A: Also have been hearing about how gas is affecting alt’s.

Q: Sure beats just cashing out to tether. Especilly with the boosts.

A: I think it makes sense to provide gas refunds up to a certain amount for those contributing to the LGE.

Q: Love the approach, certainly lowers the barrier of entry. Great way to help grow the ecosystem right from the LGE.
What is your longterm vision with this project?

A: Would love too, we probably need to start with the foundation we have and would add more marketing roles as product market fit can only be found once FROST is actually exposed more. We see it alot, where there is too much overthinking and little action.
In a saturated world of crypto building the community enables a lot of other problems and potentials to take become realities so that is the first hurdle.

Q: I like that you mention marketing while still keeping the backend steady. I hear you, what is your biggest bottleneck at the moment?

A: It is honestly marketing lol the bigger the community the more liquidity that can be faciliated to allow us to do more effective things, “network effects” are real.

Q: That’s why I’m happy you’re here man!

A: Same this happened pretty organically which I appreciate there are so many low level marketers, and a lot of devs are so one track minded they cant decipher what makes sense and what doesnt.

Q: Which unique selling points would you like to highlight with your marketing?

A: Definitely the NFT’s havent seen this implemented or expounded upon the most, they way NFT’s are not only trending but actually add functionality to a project is profound. Doing any innovations with nft’s can create an association with the project that goes farther than what may be in mind, people searching for the nft’s coming across FROST would be amazing SEO for marketing etc. As yield farming is closely associated with YFI etc these things that make FROST different are what can take it far, collaborating with video games utilizing NFT’s for example would be a long term goal things of that nature where real life utility can make sense with yield farming.

Q: I agree the utility for NFTs is far greater than just yield. I guess we can see a snowball effect with the using SEO in marketing hehe.

A: Imagine staking and being rewarded with an NFT that is used for a video game like fortnite etc.

Q: Thats the future man. As a CSGO player myself I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a move like that.

A: There are also ways for users to profit from the nft they owned being traded creating a passive income these are what we plan to explore down the line.

Q: Passive income from past ownership, hmm interesting man hadn’t even crossed my mind. Could see a solid compound interest on that one.

A: Crypto is the “video game” for most people in DeFi so NFT’s for example already have a place to be utilized when the dots connect outside of the defi space whatever projects that are positioned will be able to take advantage. It’s all about connecting value/incentives to build more value/incentives. What we have now is just the base layer, but we all can be early.

Q: You plan on positioning FROST as a bridge between crypto and projects outside of the defi space?

A: That is definitely the long term goal. Should be the goal for any project in defi.

Q: Artists are the lifeblood of any NFT project. How do you attract the right artists?

A: Ahhhh, good question. This is crypto! There should be a way to provide incentives for artist that traditional industries simply can not provide. Again enabling all parties is a real win, if artists can profit while retaining the most ownership/attribution of their work i dont see why they wont take advantage.
Making it easy for artist to take advantage is the key in my opinion. Having something user friendly that can allow us defi savvy users do what we do while the artist simpy has to maintain a wallet that links to the ownership of their nft is a start.

Q: Big difference between FROST and tradition industries is that they can be apart of a large movement, so I can see that being very attractive to them if they can also retrain mot of the ownership/attribution of their work. Accessibility is key so good job on that one.
Is there anything you’d like to present to our community before we move on to the community questions?

A: Would just want to thank unigems for allowing FROST to share and that the LGE ends tomorrow for contributors wanting to take most advantage of the NFT’s join our telegram for more insight.



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